Community Involvement

Community involvement has always been one of the strongest statements the John H. Allen Company has made.  Getting involved in community issues has always enabled our management to keep a pulse on key concerns, track future growth, and build strong relationships that translate into future business.

  • Contribution to Crime Stoppers Program
  • Purchase and rehabilitate historic downtown to show, by example, that they can be profitability restored, thus contributing to the re-development of the downtown community.
  • In 1996, Day Star Baptist Church was attempting to construct a new facility at the corner of Chester and James Buchanan Drive.  During construction, tragedy occurred and their building collapsed.  The John H. Allen Company joined forces with other volunteers and dedicated numerous hours of volunteer work to help Day Star Baptist Church erect a temporary facility for their congregation to worship God.  The John H. Allen Company also used its own facilities to store future building materials and worked with their Board of Directors in planning for their future construction.
  • Sponsor of Little League Baseball
  • In 1997, the Little League Baseball Stadium, owned and operated by the Jackson Downtown Lions Club, was in desperate need of a major facelift.  In its day, this facility was the premier baseball stadium for our little leaguers and hosted many area tournaments.  Now, forty years later, it was practically crumbling into pieces.  The cost of renovation was more than the Club could bear.  By unanimous Board decision, the John H. Allen Company was given approval to utilize their resources and guide the renovation of the facility.  The John H. Allen Company called on its competition, suppliers, and solicited volunteer help from various companies.  The results of the John H. Allen Company volunteer efforts were a completely renovated facility, completed at a fraction of the anticipated cost.  In fact, an endowment account has been established for future expenses.  The Lion’s Stadium, again the premier Little League ballpark, will be there for many years to come.
Just a few of the insurance companies and agencies that we are an approved restoration contractor for