The John H. Allen Company, Incorporated

By 1991, the John H. Allen Co., Inc. had grown to thirty (30) employees and sales were in access of $1.7 million.  In 1992 and 1993, sales again grew and reached $1.85 million.  However, as staff was added and sales grew, overhead and operating expenses also continued to grow.  It became very evident that the overhead involved in full service contracting was having a direct effect on our profitability and profit margins were beginning to gradually fall.  The year 1994 was a year of research for the company.  It was evident that the company must evolve.

The year 1995 was a year of change at The John H. Allen Company.  We empowered our employees to help the company solve our growing overhead cost.  By a 100% vote, the decision was made to join with an employee leasing firm.  This firm was made up of some 1500+ members.  This large group gave us the ability to bargain for lower insurance rates, and with the savings, propose a benefit package that would be extended to all employees.  Management began a marketing campaign to sell customers “peace of mind.”  We found that many customers were more receptive to quality, dependability, and peace of mind in knowing that their job will be done by professionals, more so than just cost.  We extended our expertise and knowledge to a multitude of insurance companies, many of who decided to use our firm exclusively.  By the fact that we guarantee our work, they could guarantee our service, therefore, creating a plus for their Claims Department.

The same year John H. Allen pioneered a news talk radio show - “Tricks of the Trade by John Allen.”  This show is a weekly radio show that gives tips for the “do-it-yourselfers.”  They can call in and ask any questions with regard to home improvement.  This show has generated hundreds of jobs and at the same time, shared our knowledge of the remodeling industry with our customers.

By 1996, the John H. Allen Company had created a strong customer base that included insurance restoration, general remodeling, additions, plumbing and electrical services.  Sales exceeded $2 million for the first time.

From 1996 to 2003 the John H. Allen Company continued to grow and provide its services to hundreds of customers across West Tennessee.

The devastation of the 2003 tornadoes included the office of the John H. Allen Company.  Our company had the task of providing emergency service to thousands in need, while tending to its own property destruction.  Our team worked for over two weeks off of generators to provide power and light to keep our office open.  We were one of the few that maintained telephone service during the catastrophe.  We continued to serve others while our own property was condemned.

In addition to serving hundreds during the tornado, the John H. Allen Company also took the lead in restoring numerous properties in Downtown Jackson.

Today, the John H. Allen Company continues to provide full service restoration to residential and commercial customers across West Tennessee.

Just a few of the insurance companies and agencies that we are an approved restoration contractor for