Customer Excellence and what it means to us...

When it comes to remodeling, the John H. Allen Company offers its customers “peace of mind.”  The Company recognizes there are many factors in a remodeling project that affects our customers.

  1. QUALITY- John H. Allen Company prides itself in employing quality craftsmen that have had many years of service in their related fields.  John H. Allen is a Certified Remodeler, tested and accredited by the National Institute of Remodeling Industry.  All craftsmen have been licensed and bonded.  All jobs are supervised by our management team and we take full responsibility for each and every phase of the project, while making the process as palatable to the customer as possible.
  2. PROFESSIONALISM- Each employee knows that he must sell himself on each job.  The John H. Allen Co. has incorporated a Policy and Procedures Manual to which each associate must adhere.  This policy deals with physical appearance, dress, meeting all safety standards, and having the proper equipment to perform each job.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY- Each employee is explained his role in the remodeling project and realizes that his standards of craftsmanship will reflect on the project as a whole.  We also encourage our customers to comment on our employees conduct and the manner in which their job was performed.
  4. RESPECT FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY- When the John H. Allen Co. is given a job to do in your home, we are mindful of how disruptive a remodeling project can be.  Extra care is taken to protect the individual’s personal contents, such as dusting and cleaning up at the end of a job.

The management staff at the John H. Allen Co. supervises each job from start to finish.  As with all companies, occasionally problems occur.  We do instill in our customers that in the event of a problem, we will be there to address it and to continue to build a relationship that will promote goodwill- and repeat customers.

Just a few of the insurance companies and agencies that we are an approved restoration contractor for